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The Augmented Studio

31 January 2014

The Augmented Studio is a young and creative team of multi-skilled Designers and Developers.
As digital natives we are always looking for crazy challenges and new ways of making people interact with the World.
We are passionate about new technolgies that together with our customers allow us to create brand experiences that integrate the best what today and tomorrow offers in terms of interaction!

Clearly, we believe that augmented reality is the way forward. Despite the fact that Smartphone and mobile technologies are relatively recent, its convenience, its here-and-now-factor creates huge perspectives for the ways each and single one of us will act and interact with our environment!

We’re perfectly in sync with the latest devices and Augmented reality glasses, motion recognition technologies, face recognition, intelligent clothing, 3D printing have no secrets for us. Name it and we’ve more than probably implemented them in one of our diverse projects.

Our mission is to help you, your brand and your message conceive and deliver completely innovating, engaging and state-of-the art experiences to your audiences!